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21 July - 19 August 2017

Vanishing Point, Ellen Dahl, Yvette Hamilton & Consuelo Cavaniglia


       Images (left - right) © Ellen Dahl, Yvette Hamilton, Consuelo Cavaniglia

Echoing the illusion of parallel lines at their vanishing point, this artist led exhibition considers the island as a concept 
where opposing ideas converge - contained yet contingent, real yet imagined, the political and the personal. 
The island as the notion of the definitive edge. An unreachable space or idea. Or just a mirage - a trick of the light.

08 June - 08 July 2017
Dutch Masters of Light 
Erwin Olaf & Hendrik Kerstens

The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Perth Centre for Photography were pleased to present Dutch Masters of Light, by Dutch photographers, Erwin Olaf and Hendrik Kerstens.

For more information about the artists please visit the Erwin Olaf and Hendrik Kerstens websites.

23 March - 22 April 2017

2017 CLIP AWARD Winner Valentina Schulte

Student Prize Winner Liss Fenwick

Judges Commendation Award Ellen Dahl

3 February - 4 March 2017

The Park  Toni Wilkinson
Taken Spaces Leela Schauble & Madeline Bishop 
Images (Top) © Toni Wilkinson (Bottom) © Madeline Bishop 9 - 17 December 2016
The Human Rights Exhibition Project

Visualising Universalism
Curated by Katrine Bregengaard
The Human Rights Exhibition Project draws on UNESCO’s travelling Human Rights Exhibition. The 1949 exhibition was conceived as a vehicle for disseminating the content of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948.
Rightfully Ours, Rightfully Yours: Visualising Indigenous Human Rights

Curated by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington and Donna Oxenham

‘Rightfully Ours, Rightfully Yours: Visualising Indigenous Human Rights’ curated by Donna 
Oxenham and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, interrogates assertions of, and infringements upon 
Indigenous peoples’ human rights (historically and in the here and now) through the 
presentation of powerful imagery and creative practice, emergent of Indigenous Australian 
peoples and communities. 

Opening Event | Thursday December 8, 6.30pm

Curatorial Discussion | To precede the official opening, you are invited to meet the curators of these two powerful exhibition. Join us on Thursday December 8 at 5.30pm to have a conversation with Katrine Kravin Bregengaard and Donna Oxenham.
Images © (top) Musee Galliera Facade (bottom) © Michael Cook (Bidjara Peoples) MOTHER (PRAM) 2016 (detail) (Courtesy the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer)

24 November - 27 November
Lux Interior

18 November - 20 November

exhibition + silent auction

Collective is PCP's annual group exhibition and auction showcasing collectable photographic work by 

emerging and established, local, national and international artists.

With over 35 artworks, whether you are an emerging or established collector, you're looking for a 
gift or simply need to decorate your walls, there is something for everyone!

13th October - 12th November


The Perth Centre for Photography is pleased to present the City of Perth 2016 Photographic Commission 
exhibition featuring Swimming Home by Jacqueline Ball and Place in the Sun by Graham Miller. 

© Graham MILLER Comic Con, Perth Convention Centre 2016, pigment print on Canson rag, 53.4 x 80 cm, 

Commissioned for the City of Perth Art Collection. 

Established in 2009, this is the third commission in the series to invite professionally renowned 
photographers to capture the essence of our city at a particular moment in time. As the landscape of Perth 
continues to evolve at a rapid pace the City’s Photographic Commissions have become increasingly 
important in documenting a city in motion.

Jacqueline Ball’s Swimming Home and Graham Miller’s Place In The Sun present contrasting yet
complementary narratives based around Perth’s built environment and public spaces.

2 September - 1st October

IRIS Award 2016

PCP would like to congratulate and thank all the finalists and winners of the 2016 IRIS Award :

The IRIS Award 2016 Overall Winner : Chris Bowes, First Impression

($3000 cash prize) 

One of the defining characteristics of photography is its ability to immortalise a moment. This image 
features a piece of butcher’s paper that has been pressed against my face. Once the photo was created 
the paper was destroyed, and although the process can be repeated the same object will never be 
replicated. Here the papers temporal form is preserved within the frame, and with it a trace of my 
physical likeness at the moment of its creation. 
- Chris Bowes

Student Award WinnerMadeline BishopLiz and Talulah

($1000 cash prize awarded by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging)

Liz and Talulah is from a two year project looking at the lives of young women living together and the 
relationships that form in this environment. 
Madeline Bishop

Judges Commendation AwardMatthew Abbott, Matt and Jessie 

($500 cash prize)

Young lovers, the morning after the Croydon Rodeo. 
Matthew Abbott

2016 IRIS AWARD Finalists

Matthew Abbott  |  Madeline Bishop  |  Paul Blackmore  |  Claire Blankendaal  
Chris Bowes  |  Aaron Bradbrook  |  Shannon Calcott  |  Brett Canet-Gibson  
Jade Clifford  |  Simon Deadman  |  Kern Hendricks  |  Bridget Hough-Neilson  
Moon Hee Kim  |  Bronek Kozka  |  Jon Lewis  |  Mia Mala McDonald & Catherine Tipping
Amy Meacham  |  Emma Murray  |  DeeDee Noon  |  Kellie North  |  Isabelle Osborne 
Sonja Porter  |  David Porteus  |  Marc Pricop  |  Heather Raadgever  |  Cecilia Saurí  
Tristan Still  |  Sarah Walzer  |  Laurence Watts  |  Alex Weltlinger  |  Alexandra Zhidkikh

This year's CLIP AWARD was carefully selected by :

Andy AdamsIndependent Producer + Publisher, Creator of FlakPhoto
Robert CookCurator of Contemporary Design and International, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Loren KronemyerArtist

 July – 21 August 


Mind the Gap is a somewhat dark and politically charged meditation on the gap between Australian
 cultures. It is not asking us to close the ga
p, to homogenise or assimilate; rather it asks us to 
acknowledge the gap, nurture the gap, celebrate the diversity rather than deny its existence. 
It encourages us to question and hold ourselves accountable for our actions as global citizens. 

The work aims to highlight post-colonial mannerisms and differences between Aboriginal and 
non-Aboriginal ways of understanding and valuing land. Mind the Gap encourages us to imagine
 a future with deeper reconciliation and stronger acknowledgment of our true history rather than 
having our heads in the sand.



 MIKE GRAY, Corrupt


Corrupt is a series of digital photographs that have been corrupted by randomly inserting 
personal confessions, computer code, and Australian popular culture references into the 
image when opened in a text-based code editor. When the digital files are subsequently 
re-opened as images the corruption manifests itself in unpredictable ways.

There is an element of chance in this process that is similar to the entropy found in natural 
systems. In some 
respects, the images bring the abject (code) to the same level as the sublime 
(nature), the grotesque next to the romantic. This could be seen as the two extremes of the 
nature / culture axis meeting each other.



10 June - 10 July

Post Natural History (Archeology of the future) Vincent Fournier 

Mixing history and anticipation, memory and science fiction the Post Natural History project shows 
a collection of ‘upcoming species’ based upon synthetic biology and cybernetics. Presented in the 
style of Cabinet of curiosity, with it’s uncanny but also familiar beauty; this poetic and sensitive bestiary 
questions our relationship to nature and technology. 

The exhibition consists of photographic images and SLS prints (3D).

The Perth Centre for Photography would like to acknowledge the generous support provided for this exhibition by :


Decolonist Katie West 

How can we undo the damage done by colonialism? What could it mean for us as individuals? Through reflecting
 on the impact of colonisation upon her sense of self as an Aboriginal woman, Katie West has developed her 
own method of decolonisation. Decolonist is a space to experience West’s personal meditation practice, where 
breathing out the traumas of colonisation and breathing in a decolonised state of mind can give life to philosophy 
and action that might dominate a new decolonised Australian reality.

29 April - 29 May 

Pool & Shadow Boxing Zoë Croggon 

Dreaming of Fata Morgana Tanya Dyhin

Trouble In Utopia The Welcome Collective 

18 March - 17 April

The CLIP Award is an internationally recognised photographic prize for new perspectives in natural and 
urban landscape photography. The selection criteria focuses on images which are original, stimulating, 
and that challenge traditional notions of landscape photography.

Backyard Bag Study Mike Gray | 2016 CLIP Award Winner

($3000 cash prize awarded by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging)

Interrupted Recollection VII 


Paul Sutherland 

Student Award Winner

($1000 cash prize awarded by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging)

dogs Matthew Abbott | Judges Commendation Award

© Matthew Abbott, dogs, Silver Gelatin Hand Print, 120 x 101cm, 1/8.
($500 cash prize awarded by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging)


Cristina De Middel 


Internationally acclaimed, award 


winning artist.



Marie Bonnal Founding member of the CLIP Award

Dr Christopher Crouch Artist and Writer 



5 February –6 March

The Afronauts Cristina De Middel

In 1964, still living the dream of their recently gained independence, Zambia started a space program that 
would put the first African person on the moon catching up the USA and the Soviet Union in the space race.

“Afronauts is based on the documentation of an impossible dream that only lives in the pictures. I start from 
a real fact that took place 50 years ago and rebuild the documents adapting them to my personal imagery. 
- Cristina de Middel 

11 December - 24 January

Surface Tension Scott Price

Australian Dream 
Amy Carkeek

Artist Talk Friday, 23 Jan 6pm Scott Price and Amy Carkeek (Free admission).

4 December - 6 December


AUTOLUMINESCENT showcases the diverse range of photographic practices from the graduating students of Curtin University's 
School of Design and Art.

Exhibition continues 4th-6th December



An annual exhibition and fundraiser which presents a range of collectable photographic artworks, unique limited 
edition print sets and signed photo books available for purchase.

This year Felicity Johnston, Curator and Graham Miller, Photographer have selected a dynamic mix of Australia's most intriguing 
and collectable photographic artworks.

With over 35 emerging and established Australian and international artists, Collective is one of Australia's most prestigious 
photography events of the year.

Kevin Ballantine  Christophe Canato  Jackson Eaton  Mike Gray  Claire Martin  Graham Miller  Brad Rimmer  Toni Wilkinson  
Juha Tolonen Christopher Young 

Duncan Barnes Simon Bernhardt  Lyle Branson  Tania Lee Crow   Nick De Bruin  Simon Deadman  Kay Forster  Steven Gerard  
Samantha Hughes  Joseph Landro  Jordan Madge  Daniel Marano  Caroline McGrath  Boris Milas  Adelina Onicas  
Tim Palman  Mark Parfitt  Harriet Perryer  Ashley Porter  Sonja Porter  Ebony Talijancich  George Vavakis  Gwenaël Velge  
James Whineray  Duncan Wright

Perth Centre for Photography, 18 Colin Street (corner Colin Grove), West Perth, Western Australia

Exhibition + Silent Auction Opening Event Thursday, 26 November, 6.30pm

Silent auction continues until Sunday 29th 4pm sharp! 

October 2015

Consolations of Photography, Juha Tolonen

On The Beach, Tim Pearn

September - October 2015

Money Can't Buy Me Love, Nicole Monks (Lead Artist) | Luke Butterly (Collaborative Photographer)

Small Choir, Scott Morrison

Busied and bruised with looking... Audrey Appudurai, Tarsh Bates, Emily Parsons-Lord, Devon Ward

August - September 2015


Matthew Abbott Claire Alexander Di Bacic Nathan Beard Harley Bell Simon Bernhardt 
Ailsa Bowyer Aaron Bradbrook Chris Budgeon William Bullimore Brett Canet-Gibson
Ellen Dahl Renee Doropoulos Ebony Finck Jane Finlay Julian Frichot Christopher Fulham 
Alana Hall Samantha Hughes Tracey Lamb Joe Randazzo Jaala Lee-Emery Caroline McGrath
Grant Patrick David Porteus Steffen Kloster Poulsen Scott Price Mike Read Harry Reid Sadler 
Darren Smith Lindsay Varvari Hilary Walker Josh Wells Duncan Wright 

Proudly sponsored by


August - September 2015

Chris Bowes Leftovers

Image © Chris Bowes

Rhiannon Tully The Kids

Image © Rhiannon Tully

Jacqui Monks
 Another Side

Image © Jacqui Monks

February 2015

Charles Kasprzak  Photographic Ethnography of the Swan River
Image © Charles Kasprzak

A unique representation of the Swan River in Western Australia between Guildford and Fremantle.

Linda Wachtel  
found Inform

Image © Linda Wachtel

A personal meditation on space presenting a series photographs taken during memorable spatial encounters.

December 2014


Image © Graham Miller

PCP's annual group exhibition and auction showcasing an eclectic mix of some of the best photographic 
art from Australia and beyond.


Ball, Kevin Ballantine, Olga Cironis, David Collins, Rebecca DagnallSam Harris, Dan McCabe

Miller, Jim Naughten, Justin Spiers, Juha TolonenChristopher Young, Panizza Allmark, Troy Allwright

Ammon, Phoebe AvenueSvetlana Bailey, Justin Barnes, Chloe Bartram, David Jo Bradley, Paul Batt

BransonArno Blax, Jaryd Brazier, Shannon Calcott, Christophe Canato, Darren Clayton, Caroline Day

Deadman, Dominika Debska, Renee Doropoulos, Melissa Eder, Jane Finlay, Suzie Fox, Daniel Gerwien

Häggblom, Alice Harris, Paris Hawken, Alan Hill & Kelly Hussey-SmithPablo Hughes, Sarah Landro

Landro, Ireneusz Luty, Rebecca Mansell, Daniel Marano, Julian Masters, Caroline McGrath, Kirstyn McMullan

Moffatt, Emiko Monobe, Guido NigroMark Parfitt, Ché Parker, Sandhya Porritt, Harrison Reid Sadler

Reinhart, Tim SextonDarren Smith, Justin Spiers, Suellen Symons, Ebony Talijancich, Lolly Tarver

ThauvetteNina Thomas, Christine Tomás, Rhiannon Tully,  Gwenaël Velge, Dianna Wells, Josh Wells

Welyczko, James Whineray, Emily Willis, Duncan Wright, Fabien Zuffo Deschamps 

11 December - 19 December


There are some introduced plants in Australia that have gone beyond adaption to rapidly evolve into new 
species found only 
here and there is yet to be an explanation why, scientific or otherwise. This is the starting 
point for Mike Gray’s latest series, 
‘New Australian Plants and Animals’. He metaphorically aligns his 
subject matter, the partially naturalised immigrant’s psyche, 
with the immeasurable effect that Terra 
Australis has on introduced species.

As a way of approaching the ‘immeasurable’ Gray has created a body of multi-disciplinary works that speculate on the unknown 
aesthetic that takes place inside the human eye. Through photographs, 
sculptures and installations based on single element 
lenses the viewer is re-introduced to the fundamental, 
preconscious sensation of the physical world interfacing with the physical self.

By devolving the lens to a point prior to photography’s invention Gray has created unique works that remove 
the mind’s role in 
rendering flat, sharp perception to reveal an ‘arc of focus’ which, on different subconscious 
levels, both makes sense and unsettles. 

The disquiet experienced through isolating the body from the mind informs the impetus for this series; Gray's 
belief that there is 
something about Oz that exerts itself on the partially naturalised immigrant in ways that 
can’t be sensed.

25 September - 26 October

© Olga Cironis

Olga Cironis’s practice is determined by her Czech/Greek Australian identity.  Both her art and her identity are marked by migrancy, by the locations and dislocations of belonging and un-belonging, and by the objects that mark our comings and goings. Cironis troubles the definitions of personal and cultural identity. She includes herself amongst the everyday ‘things’ that she has collected from friends, found on roadsides, or sourced from deceased estates. For Cironis, such  fragments are loaded with meaning and seeped in nostalgia; domestic furniture, blankets, clothing, ornaments, hair, toys and artefacts. The pieces are metonymic, metaphoric and fetishistic. Cironis re-invests these discarded objects with an elusive significance, suggesting that her identity (and her art) is a complex process of losing and finding, of  holding on and letting go. - Josephine Wilson BRONEK KOZKA THEME PARK SERIES, SHENZEN, CHINA

© Bronek Kozka
The Theme Park series explores hyper-reality, the re-staging of memories of place and photography, it also looks at ideas of representation and re-construction.  Cultural theme parks, out-door museums and historical re-enactments (re-enactment groups) provide the basis for my research for this series. Their ability to create, control and manufacture an experience informs my art making practice. As Nick Stanley explains in his essay Chinese ThemeParks and National Identity, “The visitor is invited not only to inspect but also to enter the theatrical sense of the occasion.”  In this series I visited 3 theme parks in Shenzhen in southern China, Splendid China, China Folk Culture Village and Window of the World. Each space tackled their chosen theme in quite different ways yet they all employed the same sense that they were manufacturing an experience to be consumed. 

22 August - 22 September 


Hereros, a portrait exhibition of Herero tribe members of Namibia, revealing a material 
culture that harkens the region’s tumultuous past: residents wear Victorian era dresses 
and paramilitary 
costume as a direct result and documentation of its early 20th century 
German colonization. 

© Jim Naughten, Herero Woman in Orange Dress, 2012

The Perth Centre for Photography kindly acknowledges the strong support provided towards this exhibition by our project partners



Shells have long been associated with fertility and as exoskeletons their functional role is to support, protect and feed the creature that lives within, as is the role of a mother. This series of images explores the human desire to better understand ourselves through the wisdom of nature, in all of her and our complexities.

© Carine Thevenau

Both exhibitions are part of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2014.

9 May - 9 June


Contemporary Landscape In Photography

© Harrison Reid Sadler, Study of a Partially Frozen Waterfall, 2014 (installation view), Highly Commended

© Graham Miller, Cyclorama Point, Judges Commendation

© Gwenaël Velge, Inhabited #1, Student Award

© Emma Leslie, Gesture Study #2, The CLIP Award First Prize

CLIP 2014 is an international and exciting selection which charts the reaches of landscape in photography by a group of incisive and interesting photographers, who niggle and push at what landscape photography is and can be. This year, they have taken the medium into new conceptual realms, but also, always being acutely aware of the profoundly human position in the seemingly simple, but ever complex act of making or taking a photograph of the world around us. CLIP 2014 points to the persistence and relevance of the landscape in photography today.  Leigh Robb, Curator - Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2014 CLIP Award Judge

9 May - 9 June

Darren Siwes

Oz Omnium Rex Et Regina
 and Mulaga Gudgerie 

Curated by Carly Lane

Image © Darren Siwes, Bronze Boy, photographic print on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper, ed. 10, 90 x 120cm (Top)       
Image © Darren Siwes, Kwin, 2013 Giclee Print on Kodak Lustre, 120 x 100cm ed 10 + 2 AP (Bottom image)

9 May - 9 June


Image © James Whineray, 2014 IRIS AWARD Winner 

Image © Todd Anderson-Kunert, 2014 IRIS AWARD Judges Commendation

Image © Ariel Cameron, 2014 IRIS AWARD Student Prize Winner

4 April - 5 May

Consuelo Cavaniglia
drive through the city's edge

 Image © Consuelo Cavaniglia

Rohan Hutchinson

The Kanawaza Study


The Kanawaza Study

   Image © Rohan Hutchinson

Robyn Creagh

Unfixed Connections

      Image © Robyn Creagh

Nina Ross

The Language Between Us

    Image © Nina Ros

14 February - 16 March

Connie Petrillo
Cabinets of Curiosities

                                                                          Image © Connie Petrillo

Justin Spiers + Jonathon W Marshall

Meat Fence

                                                                          Image © Justin Spiers

To download the Meat Fence catalogue, click here

Opening 13 Feb, 6pm 
Guest speaker - Dr. Christopher Crouch Professor of Design Edith Cowan University
Artists' talk 16 Feb, 2pm 


23 August - 22 September

PCP 21st Anniversary exhibition
Curated by Paola Anselmi

Curated by Paola Anselmi

2013 is a milestone year for the Perth Centre for Photography. PCP is coming of age. It’s been an extraordinary journey of growth. From humble beginnings as the Photography Gallery of WA at the Bridge Gallery in William Street, to a second incarnation as the Photography Centre at ArtsHouse, and finally the Perth Centre for Photography on Brisbane Street and now in its new premises on Aberdeen street, the PCP’s future has never looked more positive. In over two decades of existence the PCP has made it its missions to foster, support and promote the best of photographic practice and practitioners in this state and beyond. 

Momentum is a coming of age story. It's about looking back as well as ahead to new initiatives and growth.  

Logo © Perth Centre for Photography

27 September - 27 October

Aaron Bradbrook


Image © Aaron Bradbrook, Untitled No. 1

Katie Breckon

Set This House In Order

Image © Katie Breckon, Stereo, 256 Fergusson Drive

23 August - 22 September

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Curated by Kyle Weise

Image © David Mutch, Untitled #1 (Series The Tourists)

18 July - 18 August



Iris Award Winner

Image © Jackson Eaton, Title: Melfies - Iris Award Winner 2013 (WA, Australia)

 Student Prize Winner


 Image © Joshua Rampling, Title: Untitled - Iris Award Student Winner 2013 (WA, Australia)

Judges Commendation Winner

 Image © Maria Cecilia Sauri, Juana, Judges Commendation Winner (BA, Argentina)

13 June - 14 July


Uncertain Surrenders

Image © Toni Wilkinson, #46

Finding the coexistence of beauty and menace in the maternal bond and photography. In this long term project, Wilkinson explores the process of growing up through the maternal prism and with it, the themes of independence, love, and letting go into a world that is less than perfect.

Toni Wilkinson is a Perth based photographer who has exhibited widely throughout Australia. She was recently invited to exhibit Uncertain Surrenders at the prestigious Photoquai Festival of photography Paris, France.


Image © Svetlana Bailey, 10/01, 2010

In this series of landscapes, Bailey investigates the ambivalence between belonging and being separate. Fog and Haze are used to symbolise the transitory quality of one`s surroundings and the insecurity of one`s experience in the landscape. In unclear air, objects lose their finiteness and their context is removed, this creates a separation in which things are no longer bound by their surroundings.

Svetlana Bailey is a Russian born photographer based in Sydney. She was the winner of PCP APACHE CLIP Award in 2012 and continues to exhibit in Australia and overseas.


Image © Juhani Koivumäki, Video Still

Sin is a video piece about the desire for the forbidden.

Juhani Koivumäki is Finnish artist based in Helsinki. His work explores universal hurting points and spiritual self-consciousness. Juhani has exhibited all over the world and recently exhibited at the Wallflower Photomedia Gallery in Victoria.

Sin will be Juhani's introductory showing to Western Australian audiences.

09 May – 09 June 

Apache CLIP AWARDS 2013

Image © Sonia Payes, 2013 Apache CLIP Award Winner

The CLIP Award is an internationally recognised photographic prize for new perspectives in Landscape photography. The selection criteria focuses on images which are original, stimulating, and that challenge traditional notions of landscape photography. Works are selected blindly by a panel of experts and the winners will be announced during the opening night.

04 April – 05 May 

Alice Blanch
No Fixed Time or Space

 Image © Alice Blanch

Ingvar Kenne

 Image © Ingvar Kenne

Ashley Porter

 Image © Ashley Porter

Sonal Kantaria
Naseeb: Trafficked

 Image © Sonal Kantaria                                                       

Naseeb: Trafficked
 takes an intimate look into the dramatic stories of young Indian females who have been kidnapped or sold off into prostitution, and subsequently rescued from brothels. Sonal’s sensitive portrayal and in depth investigation into the bowels of Mumbai and Calcutta brings into sharp focus the gender, economic and class flesh trade.

Rachael Papo
Serial No. 3817131 

 Image © Rachel Papo 

After serving in the Israeli air force at age eighteen, Rachel Papo re-enters the military world via photography. 
The exhibition explores the interrupted lives of eighteen-year-old Israeli women who are plucked from their home surroundings and are placed in a rigorous institution where individuality is temporarily forced aside in the name of nationalism.



18 January - 10 February 2013


A group exhibition by 2012 Table Talks participants
18 January - 10 February 2013






Jeremy Blincoe
Fleeting Embrace

26 October - 6 December 2012

 © Jeremy Blincoe (Winning image Uncover Award 2012)

Melbourne based photographer Jeremy blincoe will exhibit his photographic series, Fleeting Embrace, a reflection of the artists concerns for the planet’s declining environmental health and it’s effects on future generations. Fleeting Embrace will be exhibited simultaneously with the 2013 Uncover finalists.


26 October - 6 December 2012

 © Aaron Bradbrook (Winning image Uncover Award 2013)

Exhibition opening Thursday 25 October, 6pm
Jeremy Blincoe Artist Talk 5:30pm


Perth Centre for Photography
IRIS Award 2012

6 September - 7 October 2012