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7 - 23 December 2017

MAN-MADE: Chris Bowes
'Sweat' & 'Body'
Man-Made features two experimental bodies of work 
The projects utilise a common methodology, exploiting a chemical reaction that takes place when 
sweat comes into contact with black and white darkroom paper. While different visually both series 
act as self portrait of the artist, expanding upon the photographic mediums ability to record by 
removing the camera from the image making process and instead creating a document born through a 
mix of human and photographic chemistry. By using this unorthodox technique Bowes’ seeks to 
address issues associated with photography, such as its associations with truth and reproducibility, 
while also establishing a direct connection between himself and the artwork.

Image © Chris Bowes 'Sweat 1', 2015

7 - 23 December 2017
Opening 7 December, 5.30pm

Wish You Were Here

An ode to the souvenir. Mass produced objects made for a tourist market often displaying a local 
or national pride or peculiarity. 

Kevin Ballantine, Lyle Branson, Shannon Calcott, Olga Cironis, Emily Hornum, Joseph Landro, 
Sarah Landro, Graham Miller, Tim Palman, Paul Sutherland, Christine Tomas, Wes Von Hooton, 
Duncan Wright, Lena Ures and Christopher Young. 

An end of year group exhibition by PCP staff and generous friends.

29 November - 2 December 2017

Curtin University - School of Design and Art Photography Graduates

Image © Ethan Blackburn 

23 - 25 November 2017

Images © top (L-R) Stevie O'Cuana, James Smith, Tim Palman
bottom (L-R) Robyn MacRae, Gabriella Lo Presti, Laura Sykes, Lisa Stonham

12 October - 11 November 2017

Diego Ramirez Postcard eXotica

Postcard eXotica is a 30min cinematic re-enactment in HD Video of a collection of found vintage American
postcards produced circa 1900-1930s that depict Mexican stereotypes.

The work seeks to think through the Western gaze by approaching the pictures as movie scenes and 
revealing the condition of their making –particularly the way they are scripted, staged, lit and filmed. 
In a broader manner, the video pastiches early cinema, contemporary pop and horror to trace the ways in 
which these ideas manifest today. Indeed, Postcard eXotica suggests that many of these images were 
constructed to elicit a calculated response from the viewer, belonging to a larger tradition of Othering 
in picture making. 

Image © Diego Ramirez, Postcard eXotica, Video Still

Rebecca Dagnall
Absence and Presence
States of being in the Australian landscape

There is certain darkness in the Australian imaginary of the landscape that is tangled in a history that 
holds both a presence and an absence, a knowledge and yet a denial of past colonial deeds. It is as though 
this history haunts the landscape, like a ‘ghost’ with unfinished business. 
The current work is an exploration 
of how the Australian Gothic haunts our response to the Australian landscape. The images speak of a 
cultured landscape that focuses on an understanding of the things we cannot see. 

Image © Rebecca Dagnall, Edge of the Abyss

31 August - 30 September 2017 

The IRIS Award is an international prize recognising new and outstanding portraiture in photographic art. 

Image © Su Cassiano, Divide and Dissolve, 2017 IRIS Award Overall Winner

Image © Dom Krapski, Dear ol Dad, 2017 IRIS Award Student Prize Winner

Image © Matthew Abbott, Amelia, Wilcannia Playground, NSW, 2015, 2017 IRIS Award Judges Commendation

21 July - 19 August 2017

Vanishing Point, Ellen Dahl, Yvette Hamilton & Consuelo Cavaniglia


       Images (left - right) © Ellen Dahl, Yvette Hamilton, Consuelo Cavaniglia

Echoing the illusion of parallel lines at their vanishing point, this artist led exhibition considers the island as a concept 
where opposing ideas converge - contained yet contingent, real yet imagined, the political and the personal. 
The island as the notion of the definitive edge. An unreachable space or idea. Or just a mirage - a trick of the light.

08 June - 08 July 2017
Dutch Masters of Light 
Erwin Olaf & Hendrik Kerstens

The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Perth Centre for Photography were pleased to present Dutch Masters of Light, by Dutch photographers, Erwin Olaf and Hendrik Kerstens.

For more information about the artists please visit the Erwin Olaf and Hendrik Kerstens websites.

23 March - 22 April 2017

2017 CLIP AWARD Winner Valentina Schulte

Student Prize Winner Liss Fenwick

Judges Commendation Award Ellen Dahl

3 February - 4 March 2017

The Park  Toni Wilkinson
Taken Spaces Leela Schauble & Madeline Bishop 
Images (Top) © Toni Wilkinson (Bottom) © Madeline Bishop 9 - 17 December 2016
The Human Rights Exhibition Project

Visualising Universalism
Curated by Katrine Bregengaard
The Human Rights Exhibition Project draws on UNESCO’s travelling Human Rights Exhibition. The 1949 exhibition was conceived as a vehicle for disseminating the content of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948.
Rightfully Ours, Rightfully Yours: Visualising Indigenous Human Rights

Curated by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington and Donna Oxenham

‘Rightfully Ours, Rightfully Yours: Visualising Indigenous Human Rights’ curated by Donna 
Oxenham and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, interrogates assertions of, and infringements upon 
Indigenous peoples’ human rights (historically and in the here and now) through the 
presentation of powerful imagery and creative practice, emergent of Indigenous Australian 
peoples and communities. 

Opening Event | Thursday December 8, 6.30pm

Curatorial Discussion | To precede the official opening, you are invited to meet the curators of these two powerful exhibition. Join us on Thursday December 8 at 5.30pm to have a conversation with Katrine Kravin Bregengaard and Donna Oxenham.
Images © (top) Musee Galliera Facade (bottom) © Michael Cook (Bidjara Peoples) MOTHER (PRAM) 2016 (detail) (Courtesy the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer)

24 November - 27 November
Lux Interior

18 November - 20 November

exhibition + silent auction

Collective is PCP's annual group exhibition and auction showcasing collectable photographic work by 

emerging and established, local, national and international artists.

With over 35 artworks, whether you are an emerging or established collector, you're looking for a 
gift or simply need to decorate your walls, there is something for everyone!

13th October - 12th November


The Perth Centre for Photography is pleased to present the City of Perth 2016 Photographic Commission 
exhibition featuring Swimming Home by Jacqueline Ball and Place in the Sun by Graham Miller. 

© Graham MILLER Comic Con, Perth Convention Centre 2016, pigment print on Canson rag, 53.4 x 80 cm, 

Commissioned for the City of Perth Art Collection. 

Established in 2009, this is the third commission in the series to invite professionally renowned 
photographers to capture the essence of our city at a particular moment in time. As the landscape of Perth 
continues to evolve at a rapid pace the City’s Photographic Commissions have become increasingly 
important in documenting a city in motion.

Jacqueline Ball’s Swimming Home and Graham Miller’s Place In The Sun present contrasting yet
complementary narratives based around Perth’s built environment and public spaces.

2 September - 1st October

IRIS Award 2016

PCP would like to congratulate and thank all the finalists and winners of the 2016 IRIS Award :

The IRIS Award 2016 Overall Winner : Chris Bowes, First Impression

($3000 cash prize) 

One of the defining characteristics of photography is its ability to immortalise a moment. This image 
features a piece of butcher’s paper that has been pressed against my face. Once the photo was created 
the paper was destroyed, and although the process can be repeated the same object will never be 
replicated. Here the papers temporal form is preserved within the frame, and with it a trace of my 
physical likeness at the moment of its creation. 
- Chris Bowes

Student Award WinnerMadeline BishopLiz and Talulah

($1000 cash prize awarded by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging)

Liz and Talulah is from a two year project looking at the lives of young women living together and the 
relationships that form in this environment. 
Madeline Bishop

Judges Commendation AwardMatthew Abbott, Matt and Jessie 

($500 cash prize)

Young lovers, the morning after the Croydon Rodeo. 
Matthew Abbott

2016 IRIS AWARD Finalists

Matthew Abbott  |  Madeline Bishop  |  Paul Blackmore  |  Claire Blankendaal  
Chris Bowes  |  Aaron Bradbrook  |  Shannon Calcott  |  Brett Canet-Gibson  
Jade Clifford  |  Simon Deadman  |  Kern Hendricks  |  Bridget Hough-Neilson  
Moon Hee Kim  |  Bronek Kozka  |  Jon Lewis  |  Mia Mala McDonald & Catherine Tipping
Amy Meacham  |  Emma Murray  |  DeeDee Noon  |  Kellie North  |  Isabelle Osborne 
Sonja Porter  |  David Porteus  |  Marc Pricop  |  Heather Raadgever  |  Cecilia Saurí  
Tristan Still  |  Sarah Walzer  |  Laurence Watts  |  Alex Weltlinger  |  Alexandra Zhidkikh

This year's CLIP AWARD was carefully selected by :

Andy AdamsIndependent Producer + Publisher, Creator of FlakPhoto
Robert CookCurator of Contemporary Design and International, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Loren KronemyerArtist

 July – 21 August 


Mind the Gap is a somewhat dark and politically charged meditation on the gap between Australian
 cultures. It is not asking us to close the ga
p, to homogenise or assimilate; rather it asks us to 
acknowledge the gap, nurture the gap, celebrate the diversity rather than deny its existence. 
It encourages us to question and hold ourselves accountable for our actions as global citizens. 

The work aims to highlight post-colonial mannerisms and differences between Aboriginal and 
non-Aboriginal ways of understanding and valuing land. Mind the Gap encourages us to imagine
 a future with deeper reconciliation and stronger acknowledgment of our true history rather than 
having our heads in the sand.



 MIKE GRAY, Corrupt