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21 July - 19 August

Vanishing Point Ellen Dahl, Yvette Hamilton & Consuelo Cavaniglia

Vanishing Point
 brings together new works by three artists to reflect upon the dual concepts of light and
the island. Each artist explores ideas around the real and the imagined, the political and the personal.
The island as the notion of the definitive edge. An unreachable space or idea. Or just a mirage - a trick
of the light.

Cavaniglia’s Untitled (infinity) I & II imitate infinity backdrops used in photography. These impossible
non-sites suggest imaginary settings and distant horizons, places that exist in our minds but remain
out of physical reach.

Acting like deconstructed cameras, Hamilton’s Emergent Occasions are reductive self-portraits utilising
lights, aperture and mirror - drawing parallels between the idea of the self and the illusion inherent in a
phantom island.

No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. 
(John Donne 1623)

Dahl’s photographic installations reflects on the island to investigate the self and the political. Hard
boundaries and fixed limits. Me and you. Us and them. A metaphor
for the nation state. But the shoreline
is corroding.

Images (left - right) © Consuelo Cavaniglia, Ellen Dahl and Yvette Hamilton