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The Lost Child Connie Petrillo

The Lost Child
, challenges the audience to examine how they view
children in art, and asks if this part of artistic representation should slip
into obscurity and be completely removed from our gaze.
How would Dodgson’s Alice Liddell as a beggar-girl be without Alice
Liddell? How would Balthus’ Therese be without Therese?

Connie Petrillo is a Perth based artist whose work  reflects and
challenges local and national events on social issues that affect her as
both an artist and a woman. She 
is well known for her controversial 
artistic style and also for examining the ways in which
we represent our children.
Her previous photomedia work has challenged the way in which we
unnecessarily sexualise our
 children and take away their innocence.

Exhibition dates: 16 February - 17 March 2018
Opening event: 15th of Februrary 2018, 6.30pm.

Extended Landfall Cynthia Verspaget

Extended Landfall is the instinctive ‘knowing’ of oncoming land by ancient seafarers through sensory anomalies
such as the smell of grass, the presence of particular animals, sea swells and so on, gathered well before any
land is seen. It is in this moment that imaginings of place become charged with anticipatory emotions provoking
fantastical and frightful potential.   

This work is set from the artist view as the Australian daughter of an immigrant family who first arrived on the
shores of Fremantle before settling in Australia.  It intersects perspectives of place and self with the fear and
fantasy of location. 

Cynthia Verspaget is a Western Australian artist and researcher whose creative practice spans over several
Her works encompass disciplines such as new media and technology in general, and BioArt in particular. 
Her work aspires to observe, comment on and challenge technological, scientific (and artistic) practices.

Exhibition dates: 16 February - 17 March 2018
Opening event: 15th of Februrary 2018, 6.30pm.

Free admission, cash bar, all welcome, please RSVP to

Image: Cynthia Verspaget, Untitled Illumination 1, 2017, Giclee print, electronic illumination. 110 x 86 cm