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12 October - 11 November 2017

Diego Ramirez
Postcard eXotica

Postcard eXotica is a 30min cinematic re-enactment in HD Video of a collection of found photographs. More specifically, vintage American postcards produced circa 1900-1930s that depict Mexican stereotypes.

The work seeks to think through the Western gaze by approaching the pictures as movie scenes and revealing the condition of their making –particularly the way they are scripted, staged, lit and filmed. In a broader manner, the video pastiches early cinema, contemporary pop and horror to trace the ways in which these ideas manifest today. Indeed, Postcard eXotica suggests that many of these images were constructed to elicit a calculated response from the viewer, belonging to a larger tradition of Othering in picture making. 

Rebecca Dagnall
Absence and Presence
States of being in the Australian landscape

There is certain darkness in the Australian imaginary of the landscape that is tangled in a history that holds both a presence and an absence, a knowledge and yet a denial of past colonial deeds. It is as though this history haunts the landscape, like a ‘ghost’ with unfinished business.
The current work is an exploration of how the Australian Gothic haunts our response to the Australian landscape. The images speak of a cultured landscape that focuses on an understanding of the things we cannot see. 

Image © Rebecca Dagnall, Edge of the Abyss