Image © Jim Naughten 

Image © Darren Siwes 

Image © Stacy Arezou Mehrfar


Image © Consuelo Cavaniglia

Image © Rachel Papo


The Perth Centre for Photography welcomes all photomedia based art including still photography, non narrative
video art, cross - photomedia and photo projections.

PCP invites proposals from local, national and international individuals, groups, independent curators, galleries,
institutions and organisations. 

Selection process

An independent panel of artists and relevant industry professionals will select recipients based on the artistic
excellence and conceptual strengths.

Gallery space

PCP has two exhibition spaces and one audio visual projection room available.
Successful applicants will be offered marketing, opening event hosting / catering, gallery invigilation and
installation / de-installation for their exhibition. 
Successful applicants who are 
PCP Members may access from PCP information related to available supporting
grants and discount offers for printing and framing leading up to their exhibition.


The PCP selection panel meets to decide on applications twice annually. 
Submissions are accepted throughout the year and are due on the final day of  May and of October. 

Exhibitions proposals for exhibitions in 2018 are currently being accepted

Download an exhibition proposal form

Download a gallery floor plan

All enquiries regarding applications or related information may be directed to