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Western Australia 6872

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PCP Slide Nights
is a series of artist presentations and projections at The Perth Centre for 
Photography. These evening will highlight artists working with photography, each delivering short talks
about their creative practices. 

PCP Slide Nights 
have been created to promote the work of WA artists whilst encouraging conversations 
and ideas around the ever-evolving medium of photography. 

Anyone with an interest in photography is encouraged to come along and participate in what will be a night
of engaging discussion and interesting ideas.  

Watch videos of some of our previous editions below :

Lyle Branson - Slide Night Presentation

Kirsty Sadler - Slide Night Presentation

Nathan Beard - Slide Night Presentation 

Perdita Phillips - Slide Night Presentation

David Carson - Slide Night Presentation

Sheyi Bankale - Slide Night Presentation 

Jacqueline Ball - Slide Night Presentation

Scott Price - Slide Night Presentation