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7 - 23 December 2017
Opening 7 December, 5.30pm

MAN-MADE: Chris Bowes
'Sweat' & 'Body'
Man-Made features two experimental bodies of work Sweat (2015) and Body (2016). 
The projects utilise a common methodology, exploiting a chemical reaction that takes place when 
sweat comes into contact with black and white darkroom paper. While different visually both series 
act as self portrait of the artist, expanding upon the photographic mediums ability to record by 
removing the camera from the image making process and instead creating a document born through a 
mix of human and photographic chemistry. By using this unorthodox technique Bowes’ seeks to 
address issues associated with photography, such as its associations with truth and reproducibility, 
while also establishing a direct connection between himself and the artwork.

Image © Chris Bowes 'Sweat 1', 2015

7 - 23 December 2017
Opening 7 December, 5.30pm

Wish You Were Here

An ode to the souvenir. Mass produced objects made for a tourist market often displaying a local
or national pride or peculiarity. 

Kevin Ballantine, Lyle Branson, Shannon Calcott, Olga Cironis, Emily Hornum, Joseph Landro,
Sarah Landro, Graham Miller, Tim Palman, Paul Sutherland, Christine Tomas, Wes Von Hooton,
Duncan Wright, Lena Ures and Christopher Young. 

An end of year group exhibition by PCP staff and generous friends.

      Images © the artists (L-R)  Samantha Hughes, Cristina De Middel, Graham Miller, Erwin Olaf, Zoe Croggin (2016 & 2017 exhibitors)