• The Perth Centre for Photography is led by Gallery and Program Director, Christine Tomás who is supported by Gallery Coordinator, Sarah Landro, Front of House Coordinator Kelsey Douglas, and a dedicated and professional governing board. The Centre is also sustained by a group of committed and vibrant volunteers. The annual program is selected by PCP's external selection panel, a group of experienced art industry leaders. 
Together they possess a vital mix of art and business capabilities and expertise. Collectively PCP is maintained through a professional and proactive group working together to ensure the vision, development and longevity of the gallery.

PCP Board Members

  • Chair: Nathan Kerr
  • Board Secretary/Deputy Chair: Jodi Kerr
    • Treasurer: Stuart McRae
  • Daniel Archer
  • Melissa Callanan
  • Christopher Young
  • Emily Hornum

Staff + Management

    • Director: Christine Tomas
  • Gallery Coordinator: Sarah Landro
  • Installation Coordinator: Joseph Landro
  • Media & Front of House Coordinator: Kelsey Douglas
© Rebecca Mansell, Installation view of Jacqueline Ball, Swimming Home